My Cups of Tea


I didn’t realize how much I missed blogging until I opened up one of my old pages and was splashed with something that felt almost the way petrichor feels… humming quite and damp feet, not a winter nor a summer’s evening — but the start to a night just right.

I used to do it and look at the stats and reads and the views. But I’m back today for me, I think. I want to share my reflections, drink my tea (and nascent admiration of coffee), and listen to what you have to say, if you have anything to say… if you want anything to have to say.

This is a short post, and it’s the first one. The featured photo isn’t mine but they’ll start being mine in future posts, God Willing. I’ve recognized a maturation (not in my writing) in my thinking disease. I think I’ll do it better this time around.

I don’t think I will be categorizing any upcoming posts as of now, but I see myself branching out into other subjects. A little less personal, a little more universal.

But for now here are some muffins and a cup of very delicious-looking coffee. I like a start with a vintage feel.

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