A Conversation with My Salt Lamp


Can I waste my poor words

Any diction or jargon on you

Just about you

I do not find such a squander worth while

Perhaps a funny strange form of survival

That when a heart and mind are swirling

The same cycles in tandem and apart

Your poetry is a kind of squander

My cycling heart and mind think art

On busy days you are nothing,

Just a crystal sitting on a table,

But my quiet nights call on me to look at you

And ruminate about a few fables

They said that, her she it and them

But the crystal is not listening,

It ignites in a quiet rhythmic ‘hmmm’

Relax and tidy up,

The day is over little missy

Go on, and tuck your family tight

Perhaps tomorrow won’t be so busy

featured photo is my own photography©

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