Notes #1

Journal, Personal

These are collections of reflective thoughts I’ve been gathering the past few months. They aren’t posted in any significant order, they are only things I know I don’t want to forget. Remember with me.


Feeling a novel sense of gratitude for just being. Perhaps being in the moment. Thinking of how I got to this moment, then knowing I’m here today. I could have been somewhere else but today I’m here. I could have not arrived to this place at this time safely the way I did, but because of Allah’s blessings and protection I’m here. And I feel safe, calm, comfortable and ready to worship. I feel liberated, soothed and ready to worship. I feel grateful, blessed and ready to worship. I’m grateful for today and for every day passed. For the first time I don’t think I would change any of it. I’ve never felt that before. For the first time I don’t need closure or a processing or an analyzing; I am just here.

It’s nice to be here.



featured photo is my own photography©

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