Learning about Love

Journal, Personal

On the subject of self compassion yesterday was the biggest emotional turning point in my life.

That’s all I have written for that note. I think I remember accepting and loving a huge portion of my faults I never thought I needed to love to be able to grow. That’s it’s okay to not succeed in this or that, that I can still be worthy if I’m not loved by him or her. I still hold value and uniqueness. Love thy self to make thy self important.

It was a reflection I raised many eyebrows with. I would see those who didn’t work nearly as hard as I did to climb up a constructed social ladder and didn’t have nearly as many skills or potential talents or beauty spots…but they were mysterious, accepted, desired and even chased after. The answer was in them. It is they who hold themselves at a certain esteem that define their worth to the world…the world in turn must accept their value, for no other definition is provided except for that confident one.

I am worth people’s time, energy and love.

Featured photo is my own photography

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