Twist on Anxiety


I recognized very potently how when I inadvertently diss myself it affects my self worth and self compassion.

I’m starting to become more aware of how much I need to give my soul the time of day. That I am worthwhile and I have meaning بفضل الله

Although I am so glad about my anxiety. Truly a blessing it is that I do not feel a humility in hiding my ability no, it is a genuine fixed belief that I am not capable of anything.

With worship this truthful feeling allows me to spread the wings of faith in Allah only to believe that anything moves forward.

I just recently got hired to be a teacher and I am so sure that I’m not ready and feel that the teachers telling me I am are lying.

Anxiety is that.

A genuine fixture that keeps you on your toes, worried you’re not ever gonna be good enough

I hope this will help me never reach arrogance

I hope I don’t ever rid myself of my anxiety that grounds me into Allah’s care and fate.

I hope I never feel that I’ve ever fully learned or that I can’t get more prepared than this. I can only do all I can do. There’s always better and that’s okay.

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