Self-Pity and Healing


It isn’t a secret that time heals our emotional wounds. It isn’t a discovery or jaw opening concept at all. But as you are experiencing the pain, very fleeting knowledge of that concept ever surpasses my consciousness. It’s like I can’t or won’t believe anything for the time being, until I’ve used up all the self-pity I can get for myself.

Why must I think of all the hurt again? Replay it as if I am living in it again. And whilst in it, I did not think or behave or even feel that much pain — it is only after safety that my mind swirls back to depths I don’t want to remember. I’m okay now, shouldn’t that be enough?

Is self pity a part of healing? Or does it elongate the process?

3 thoughts on “Self-Pity and Healing

  1. Self-Pity, in and of itself, will elongate the pain because it seeks to escape consequences for choices that were actually yours rather than the other person’s. That said, the other person has made specific choices to behave a particular way with you, and “self-caring” will help you look at those realistically in order to change your responses to him/her. Many people confuse the two, but they actually take divergent paths — when in pain especially. It helps to find someone with whom you can speak about the events experienced and explore options for you. Take care to love yourself! Have a Blessed Day!

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