Environment and its Influence


About how important it was to find people like me as kid

With my same genes living similar lives.

With the curly hair and the weird nails and

the sedentary lifestyles.

It makes a kid grateful and settles them into their reality.

I was surrounded by abilities and lives that I was never going to achieve and it always felt that I couldn’t ever get what I wanted as a kid.

I would always say I don’t want now and I don’t want what happened and I don’t look forward to any years to come. I hated my life without knowing I hated it because I didn’t know a life of MINE that I could love.

I only saw other lives that were loved and believed mine couldn’t ever be that.

I suppose teaching a kid confidence and acceptance also fosters a respect for diversity and a self compassion that they need to carry for the rest of their lives

Environment is everything for the child being raised.


The red berries I chose for this post symbolize to me the sameness that I feel society mentally coerces us into without realizing. We don’t have to all be red berries, we could be blue, black maybe even green. And guess what? They could all be beautiful. 

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